1. Spring Activities For Kids

    Spring is a beautiful and fun time of year! This is a great time to enjoy time outside with the family and engage in a variety of activities. If you are in need of some ideas for fun spring activities to do with your kids, we can help! At Home Away From Home in Pembroke Pines, we offer a variety of child care programs that can help your child learn, develop new skills, and engage in a bunch of fun…Read More

  2. The Benefits of Imaginative Play for Kids

    Imaginative play, also referred to as play pretend or make-believe, is a fun form of play for kiddos. They can pretend to be an astronaut or a knight sent on a quest to slay a dragon. While this type of play is fun for young children and allows them to use their imagination, it is also extremely beneficial for a child’s development. Home Away From Home is a child care learning center that allows…Read More

  3. Great Books to Read to Your Six-to-Eight-Year-Old Part IV

    Here at Home Away From Home, we encourage kids to pursue literature to expand their minds. That’s why we promote reading here at our child care center. For the last few blogs, we’ve been talking about great books that your six-to-eight-year-old can enjoy. Today, we’re continuing that theme with four additional titles. Here are a few titles that you can grab at the library to read with your y…Read More

  4. Great Books to Read to Your Three-to-Five-Year-Old Part III

    Reading is one of the best pastimes you can share with your child. When you read together, you learn together. You share precious moments, laughter, and memories. There’s so much value in reading! That’s why we’ve dedicated our last few daycare center blogs to great book recommendations. Today, we’re continuing that theme with further recommendations. These books are ideal to read with you…Read More

  5. Great Books to Read to Your Three-to-Five-Year-Old Part II

    We’re back! In a recent blog, we began our daycare center’s book suggestion series, starting with books that are excellent to share with your three-to-five-year-old child. We mentioned two classic books that are perfect for early readers and they’re great as bedtime stories: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, and, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin, JR. & John Archambault. T…Read More

  6. What is the Montessori Program?

    At Home Away From Home, we pride ourselves on providing you and your child with exceptional care. We offer child care at seven different locations. Each of those locations provides a fun, safe, and secure environment. In fact, we are one of the safest pre-schools in the area! That isn’t the only benefit of our schools; we also offer Montessori Curriculum for children ages three to five at our Pa…Read More

  7. Great Books to Read to Your Three-to-Five-Year-Old

    Children typically begin to develop the skills necessary for reading between the ages of three and five. During this crucial period, it’s helpful to read books to your children to begin to familiarize them with words, numbers, symbols, and pictures. That’s why storytime is so important during your child’s stay at our daycare center. If your child is between three years old and five years old…Read More

  8. We incorporate computer learning into our day care program!

    Bringing Tech to Our Tykes

    With technology booming around the globe, it’s imperative to get kids involved with the technological revolution. Here at Home Away From Home of Florida, we incorporate technology throughout our daycare centers. We strive to provide kids with the opportunity to learn through technology and the opportunity to utilize technology that they will encounter throughout their lifetimes. Utilizing Techno…Read More

  9. Our day care programs are for children of all ages.

    All of Our Day Care Programs

    Here at Home Away From Home, we strive to cater to all sorts of schooling needs for much of the population throughout Florida. We have daycare facilities in Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Springs, Wellington, West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, and Boynton Beach, Florida. Throughout our daycare facilities, we provide a number of schooling and care options for children of various ages, including all of th…Read More

  10. We offer great care at our Daycare Center in Florida!

    Use Our Aftercare!

    Are you a busy parent? Well you certainly aren’t alone! Our aftercare program gives you the freedom to regain some of your afternoons, and at the same time it can aid in enriching your child’s life. We provide after-school pickup and daycare so that you can get a couple more hours to spend time working, running errands, or time just for yourself. We provide elementary school pickup for several…Read More