There are many fun and entertaining activities that can be beneficial for your children. From playing board games to listening to you read to interacting with other kids, your child is learning and growing every day. One activity that can be extremely beneficial to your kiddo is arts and craft projects.

Crafts are a fun way to spend time with your children or have them keep themselves entertained for a while. No matter what type of craft your children are doing, they can learn a lot and gain a lot from this simple and fun activity.

At Home Away From Home Child Care Learning Center in Pembroke Pines and Jensen Beach, we love allowing our students to do activities that are both fun and educational. We offer a variety of early childhood education programs that can help give your child the start they need in school! We are dedicated to helping your child learn, grow, and develop in a stimulating and nurturing environment.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the benefits that crafting can provide your kiddo. Read on to learn more and be sure to stock up on craft supplies to help your child grow.



Your child develops fine motor skills at a young age. Fine motor skills refer to the coordination and movements made by the hands and fingers. These skills are important for your child to learn at a young age since they will use them throughout the rest of their lives. Crafting requires a lot of fine motor skills, which is why this activity can help boost these skills. Cutting, tearing, holding a pencil, coloring, molding, gluing, and other movements that are involved in crafting will help your kiddo continue to work on and improve their fine motor skills.


Along with a boost in fine motor skills, crafting can also help your child develop better hand-eye coordination, which goes hand-in-hand with fine motor skills. Tracing, cutting along the lines, coloring within a certain space, and other activities can help your child improve their hand-eye coordination. This is another skill that will benefit your child throughout their lives and can even become beneficial if they decide to try out any sports!


While some people believe that you either are or are not creative, it is actually something that needs to be practiced. When children practice creativity and continue to exercise the creative side of their brain, they will be able to be more creative as adults. Crafting allows and encourages your child to use their creativity. As they continue to practice creative activities, they will get better at it and will be able to utilize this throughout the rest of their lives. Creativity and imagination go hand-in-hand, so as they practice creativity, they are also expanding their imagination, which is another huge benefit.



If you have ever done a craft, you know a lot of decisions need to be made. The colors you use, the material, and the project you make are all decisions that need to be made. Unless your kiddo is following class instructions or directions for a craft (in which case they still can make their own decisions) they will be making a lot of choices throughout the process of creating their craft. As they make these decisions, they are improving this skill and learning how to feel confident with the choices they make. Which, as we all know, is a skill that everyone should learn and will be using as an adult. When you are doing crafts with your kiddos, allow them to make their own decisions.


Learning how to express one’s self is a beneficial skill that many adults never learned. By allowing your child to do crafts, they are learning to express themselves in a different way. Arts and crafts can help them show feelings that they don’t know how to express with words. This can be beneficial for them and for you, giving you a different perspective on their emotions.


Crafting can also help boost your child’s self-esteem. Completing a craft and getting to hang it on the fridge gives your kiddo a sense of accomplishment, which can help boost their self-esteem. Giving your children the ability to create something that they have complete control over can help make them feel confident in their abilities, boosting self-esteem. When you allow your child to do crafts on their own, create what they want, and make their own decisions, they will begin to develop a sense of independence. This is another thing that will help boost their self-esteem and confidence.



Some children may have a hard time socializing, often due to shyness. Crafting is a great way to help your kiddo socialize. While other activities may be too involved, doing crafts allows your child to sit with another kid and enjoy their company without forcing them to be too social. They can slowly build friendships this way and begin to feel more comfortable with others without feeling forced into an extremely social activity.


Crafts can also help with language development. Your child will begin to learn the colors, what different materials are called, and be able to put words to actions, such as cut, glue, and rip. Talking through the choices they make for their crafts can also help them learn how to explain things and allow them to work on their language development even more.


Doing crafts with your kiddos is a great way to bond. If you are looking for fun activities to do with your kiddos that allow you to spend some quality time together and bond, this is a great option to try. It allows you to do something together while doing your own thing, which can sometimes be beneficial when spending time with your children. You guys will have fun creating together and can display all of your beautiful artwork on the fridge for the world to see!

There are many benefits that crafting offers your child. This fun and simple activity can help your child develop new skills, learn, and so much more. At Home Away From Home Child Learning Center in Pembroke Pines and Jensen Beach, we love allowing our students to do crafting activities in our programs. Be sure to provide your child with opportunities to do crafts at home as well! Contact us today with any questions you may have and be sure to check out our programs.