At Home Away From Home, we pride ourselves on providing you and your child with exceptional care. We offer child care at seven different locations. Each of those locations provides a fun, safe, and secure environment. In fact, we are one of the safest pre-schools in the area! That isn’t the only benefit of our schools; we also offer Montessori Curriculum for children ages three to five at our Palm Beach Gardens location. You may have already heard about the Montessori program in passing, but you may be wondering: “What is it, exactly?” Keep reading to find out!


The Montessori Method of education is often described as a child-centered form of education. It was developed in 1907 by Dr. Maria Montessori, the first woman in Italy to become a physician. She developed her theory of education after observing that children naturally learn and discover things on their own. Montessori classrooms are designed to allow children to make creative choices in their learning. This method of learning has been battle-tested over 100 years in different cultures worldwide.


There can be some variety in how a Montessori program is structured, though for the most part, most curriculums should be very similar. Some of the trademarks of the Montessori curriculum include:

  • Multi-age groupings designed to foster peer collaboration and learning
  • Specially chosen learning materials arranged and available in an aesthetically pleasing environment
  • Multiple activities and learning materials that children can choose and learn from intuitively and naturally

Home Away From Home is a safe and engaging environment where your children can learn and grow. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide at our seven Florida locations.