Preschool is an extremely important time in your child’s life and can help prepare them for their next academic step. Our preschool program is for children who are two to three years old. They are developing and learning a lot during this time and our preschool program can help ensure they are reaching important milestones. 

At Home Away From Home in Pembroke Pines and Jensen Beach, we provide your preschooler with a great learning environment, stimulating activities, and a place where they can build an academic foundation. 


What Your Child Will Learn

During their time in preschool, your child will learn and develop a lot as they begin to prepare for the next steps in their academic lives. Our teachers work hard to provide students with a stimulating environment that encourages learning and children to explore their curiosities. Our classrooms include areas for math, imaginary play, music, art, science, weekly cooking activities, and so much more. Your child will learn through a variety of different activities. 


We begin to teach your children the basics of math during their time at our preschool. From counting to learning how to add, your child will start to develop skills involving numbers, which will help them as they transition to kindergarten.

Reading and Writing

Another important basic skill for your child to learn in our preschool program language skills. We will teach your little one reading and writing skills, working on the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes. Your child will build a foundation for their language skills that they can carry with them throughout the next years of their lives.

Social Skills

On top of learning academic skills, your child will continue to build on the social skills they have already begun to develop. Social skills are important for young children to develop, especially as they get closer to spending more time in the classroom. Your child will be able to spend time around children and adults, learning how to interact and developing new social skills. We set up different activities that allow for shared learning experiences. 

And More

Our preschool program will teach your child a ton of new skills and help build an academic foundation. They will learn about the world around them, enjoy activities that are educational and fun, and be stimulated every day. Allow your child to get a jumpstart in their education and enroll them in the preschool program at Home Away From Home today! We love helping kids learn and grow and we are excited to help your child thrive! Contact us today with any questions you may have about any of our child care programs. Set your child up for success by signing them up for our stimulating and educational preschool program!