Dear Larissa,

We have been at Home Away From Home for a little over a year now. As one of the original families at the WBB location I want to say we are very sad to leave. I wanted to make sure to write to you as I feel often time parents spend so much time complaining that you rarely get to hear the positive feedback. As a health care provider I was extremely impressed with the cleanliness of the WBB school. My son was constantly sick at his last day care and once changed to this location he rarely had to miss school for illness. In addition my 5 month old spent a short 4 weeks at your school but also maintained excellent health.

Jessica: My first interaction came when my son was bit by another child. Her response to my concerns and fears was truly flawless. Within 12 hours she personally called me and had a complete review of the footage and incident. Given my son is admittingly accident prone I have interacted with Jessica frequently and have always been impressed with her knowledge of the school rules and ability to put out just about any fire. I will never forget the month my son chose to give up his nap; Several times that month Jessica would sit and talk to my son until he finally went to sleep (a difficult task). Her love for my son was so evident through her patience and his overall excitement to see her when she was in WBB.

Ashley: One of the first staff members we met in WBB. Her empathy and passion for her job was evident daily. Her daughter was in my sons class and I truly felt her want to make the school excellent. The fact that she had her child in the program made us feel safe. She always listened to our concerns and acted quickly and efficiently. Having such an approachable administrative staff member really makes a day care run smoothly and I was always thankful that we had her to turn to for anything.

Yenni/Angela/Missy- All phenomenal teachers. I appreciated that they were always energetic and excited to teach my son. Angela took my sons poor napping habits head on and got him back on track. She was also valuable in encouraging him to use the toilet in ONE WEEK! I saw huge strides in Jacobs vocabulary and discipline when he spent time with Ms. Yenni and Ms. Missy.

Vicky- The baby room teacher you hope each school has. Vicky went above and beyond with my daughter. My daughter was always in a clean diaper, never upset, and learning new things daily. I was impressed on how verbal and strong she became in such a short time in the baby room. It was obvious that she was getting very good care.

Overall staff: Several teachers floated in and out of each room and most if not all were pleasant and eager to interact with my children.

We are thankful for your school and the staff we interacted with. Please make sure to pass this praise to the staff members.