Nicole Chaplin Extermine

Great day to you. I met Ms. Giovanina Francois right before my son, Dominic Zion Extermine

transitioned into the 1 year toddler room. I am very happy to say she is a pleasure. I am impressed that she speaks three languages: English, Spanish and Creole which is superb because our son is half Haitian and she is able to communicate with my husband in both English and Creole.

When I enter the 1 year toddler room I see how her and the other teachers are doing fun and

educational activities with the children. Ms. Gionvanina has a very warm and sweet demeanor. I see it shine through when she is interacting with all the children and I notice it when she attends to Dominic Zion as well. We converse when I pick up Dominic Zion in the afternoons and she explains to me how he did throughout the day. What I really like is she always checks his diaper one last time before I pick him up to ensure he has a smooth clean comfortable ride home.

The teachers keep you informed of how your child’s day. I see that across the board in this school, which is excellent. Ms. Giovanina reminds me of any activities that are coming up. For example, she reminded me to dress up Dominic Zion if we wanted to for Halloween and it was also written on the daily report that the parents receive at the end of the day.

The care our children receive from an early age is crucial to their growth and their teachers and care takers are a huge factor in them starting out on the right path. Home Away From Home/ Surfside Academy is doing a fantastic job in having a staff that cares about each child that comes in through their doors.

My family and I are beyond thankful for Ms. Giovanina and wanted you to know of the superb job she is doing. God bless you all and keep maintaining a staff of individuals that are just like her. She is simply wonderful! Our family is very grateful to have Dominic Zion in her care.

With kindness and love,

Nicole Chaplin Extermine