home2Welcome back! If you’ve been keeping up with our daycare center’s blog feed, you’re well aware that we’re offering up a catalog of some of the best books that you can share with your child. Today, we’re continuing that theme with further books that you can fill your shelves with. Let’s dig into Part IV of our series of books that you can read with your three- to five-year-old child!

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

Cat in the Hat may be one of the most notable classic children’s books of all time, and who else but Dr. Seuss could’ve published this short story? In Cat in the Hat, we learn about the childish antics of a mischievous talking cat. Trouble abounds as the infamous cat and his famous hat appear to destroy the home of one of our main characters, Sally. Things worsen when Thing 1 and Thing 2 join the rambunction, but all comes together just before Mother comes home.

The I Spy Series by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick

I Spy books are short on words (offering up only a few sentences with clues and riddles about each two-page image), but it’s big on learning. Learn about simple rhyme scheme, learn how to solve simple problems, learn to search, and delight in fascination at the vibrant images within each I Spy book. The I Spy series is expansive, so you may gather a collection of books if I Spy turns into one of your tyke’s favorites.

Remember, a trip to Home Away from Home is as good as a trip to the library! We have loads of books here in our daycare center to keep your little one learning. Check back soon for more recommendations, and keep reading!