Are you a busy parent? Well you certainly aren’t alone! Our aftercare program gives you the freedom to regain some of your afternoons, and at the same time it can aid in enriching your child’s life. We provide after-school pickup and daycare so that you can get a couple more hours to spend time working, running errands, or time just for yourself. We provide elementary school pickup for several locations throughout Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach (Village Commons), Palm Springs, Royal Palm Beach, and Wellington. We’ll pick up your child directly after school and bring them to our daycare center! There, we provide the following:


We can aid kids in getting their homework done right away. When your child does his or her homework here at Home Away From Home, they have our support, and they’ll be able to finish homework while still energetic and while lessons are still fresh in the mind.


Children need time every day to play and exert energy! Here at Home Away From Home, we encourage play, and we’ll ensure that your child gets his or her pent up energy out! It can be hard to sit for a few hours at school, so we’ll ensure that your child runs and plays while we’re caring for your kiddo.


Kids develop their own interests and skills at an early age. As your child takes to specific activities, they’re likely building towards skills and knowledge that they’ll use in the future. We like to encourage children to follow their individual likes, ensuring that they’re passionate about their pursuits!

Learn more about our aftercare program and our elementary school pick-up locations here!