Our mission at Home Away From Home, your trusted Palm Beach Gardens FL daycare center, is to encourage each child so he/she may learn and grow best in an environment that is safe, clean, warm, positive and responsive. Good childcare is a must for any working mother, but if you’re worried about putting your child in daycare, take heed. A well run, quality daycare program can give you the reliable childcare you need and also be good for your child’s health – and yours as well.

Here are some benefits of daycare:

  • Less emotional problems. Kids in daycare whose mothers are depressed are less likely to have their own emotional problems, separation anxiety and social withdrawal symptoms than those who are with their moms or an individual caregiver.
  • An opportunity to grow. A quality daycare program can spell success in the future – especially places where the teachers know how to handle behavioral problems and where kids are given enough learning and socialization opportunities, stimulation, and affection.
  • Your child will likely have a bigger brain. Studies show that children who are in daycare early on have higher intellectual abilities, especially because they have opportunities for observation, parallel play and socialization.
  • Better behavior. One of the biggest benefits of daycare is socialization, because kids have to learn how to share, solve problems and be team players. And at a well-run program with teachers who have a strong education background, kids learn to use their voices to solve conflicts.

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