Spring is a beautiful and fun time of year! This is a great time to enjoy time outside with the family and engage in a variety of activities. If you are in need of some ideas for fun spring activities to do with your kids, we can help!

At Home Away From Home in Pembroke Pines, we offer a variety of child care programs that can help your child learn, develop new skills, and engage in a bunch of fun and educational activities. We wanted to give parents some fun ideas of activities to do with their kiddos this spring! Enjoy some quality time with your little one and make the most of spring with these fun activities. Read on to learn more and be sure to check out our child care programs today!



Painting flower pots is not only a fun activity to do with your kiddos but it is also a great way to add fun decorations to your porch. Go to any garden or home improvement store and grab a few clay terracotta pots. You can also have your kiddos pick out the flowers they want to plant in their pot. Pick up some new paint or use paint that you have at home. You can spread some newspaper on the ground so that your kids don’t get paint all over your porch or just sit in the grass!

Once the pots are done being painted, let them dry before helping your children plant their flowers in their pots. Place the pots somewhere that your kiddos can see them daily. They will love being able to see their beautiful artwork being displayed proudly on your porch.

This is a fun activity that also allows your kiddo to get in touch with nature and allows them to be creative. You can also have them be in charge of watering their own flowers, which can teach your children responsibility and allow them to look after something.



Gardens are a fun activity for both you and your kids. Not only is a garden a great way to spend time outside but it can also teach your kiddos a number of different things, from responsibility to patience to learning a bit more about nature and the world around them. If you choose to just have a flower garden, this is a fun way to teach your children about bees. Plant flowers that attract bees and help your children understand why they are so important to our ecosystem.

If you choose to plant a veggie garden, this is a great way to teach your kiddos not only that hard work pays off but it can teach them how to eat healthy foods. When children are engaged in growing their own food, they are more likely to want to eat it. By growing vegetables in your garden, you can help them understand where these foods come from, how they grow, and why they are important in your diet. Your children will be excited to eat the food that they helped grow!


Sidewalk chalk is always a fun activity for kids! Drawing with chalk is a great way to spend time outside and give your driveway and sidewalks a beautiful makeover. And the best part is that it is easy to wash away and start a new work of art! Drawing with sidewalk chalk is a simple activity but can be very beneficial for your kiddos, because crafts of all types are beneficial for children.

Allow your children to create whatever they want with sidewalk chalk. Whether they make a hopscotch board, create a race track for their bikes, or just draw pictures, this is a great activity for them! Your children will be able to get creative with chalk and can play a number of different games.



Picnics are a fun way to spend time outside and with the family. Whether you have a picnic in your own front yard or you go to a nearby park or the beach, packing a picnic and spending some time enjoying time outside and eating can be fun for your kiddos. While a picnic seems like a pretty simple activity, this is an activity that is extremely fun for kids! They love being able to eat outside, on the ground, and see this activity as a mini-adventure. If you are looking for a quick and easy activity to do with your kiddos, a picnic is a great idea.

You can also bring some fun outdoor games or activities on your picnic, like a kite or beach toys. This allows your child to play and have fun before or after they eat lunch. You can spend a few hours at your picnic spot and play in the sun’s rays together! Just don’t forget the sunscreen.


Nature scavenger hunts are another great way to get outside, teach your children to start enjoying nature, and help them learn more about the world around them. Nature scavenger hunts can be done in your own backyard or in a natural area of any kind. Give your kiddos a list of items to find, such as palm leaves, lizards, birds’ nests, flowers, and anything else that can be found in the area you are in.

You can give your kiddos notebooks and have them draw the item they are looking for when they find it! Allowing them to engage in the scavenger hunt without having to disrupt nature. While scavenger hunts are fun for kiddos in general, you could get them a small reward for when they finish their scavenger hunt. This could be a fun activity to try as you go on a walk around a natural area or are hanging out at the beach.



Bike rides are a fun family activity that can get you outside and moving. Even if your kiddos don’t know how to ride a bike yet, you could get a bike trailer that they could ride in as you and the family bike around the neighborhood. Bike rides are a fun way to explore the areas around your home.

If your family begins to go on regular bike rides, you can make it even more fun by having a specific destination! Whether your destination is an ice cream shop, the park, or a place to grab lunch, this is a great way to get around, get outside, and enjoy bike rides with the family.

If your kiddos are learning to ride a bike, you could have them use their sidewalk chalk to draw a bike course that they can go through to practice! Your children will love making a path that they have to follow on their bike and they will be thrilled when they can make it through the entire thing without any mistakes!


Spring-themed crafts can be a fun activity to do on rainy days. If you are stuck inside but still want to enjoy spring with your kiddos, grab some craft supplies and make spring-themed crafts! From construction paper flowers to windchimes to cute little bugs, there are many different crafts that you and your kiddos can make.

You can look up different spring-themed crafts on sites like Pinterest to help give you some ideas. Or simply let your kiddo create whatever they want! You can hang their craft project in the windows so that they can see them every time they are playing outside.

There are so many fun activities that you can do with your children in the spring to get outside and surrounded by nature. Spring is the perfect time to start spending more time outside with the family. We hope this list gave you some new fun ideas for activities to do with your little ones. Be sure to spend some quality time with your kiddos outside this spring and check out our child care programs today! Contact Home Away From Home in Pembroke Pines to get any questions you may have answered.