If you’re about to drop your child off at Home Away From Home for the first time, you might find that your child is nervous and scared. That’s completely normal! Lots of children get anxious going to a new place. That’s why we’ve accumulated a checklist you might want to go through to prepare your child for his or her first day at our care center!


Take Your Child By Prior To Day 1

Drive by and show your child our building! Children are more comfortable if things look familiar. Feel free to drive by and walk around Home Away From Home before you begin your daycare schedule.


Be prepared. Make sure that you’ve got everything your child will need, and everything they might need. If you’ve got a young child that’s still attached to a blanket or a favorite stuffed animal, bring it!

Reflect Calmness

Your children react to your emotions. Be calm, supportive, and confident as drop-off comes around. Light-heartedness can help too! Keep smiling, and give lots of love and hugs.

Talk Time

Reassure your child that you’ll be back soon. Children feel abandoned when they start out, so make sure that they understand you’re not just leaving them. Once your kiddo is comfortable at daycare, the hours will fly by. They might not be ready to leave when the time comes!

Show Up Early

Come a bit early. When you show up early, there’re less kids and commotion to rile up your child. It’ll also give you time to talk with your child and ensure their comfort. Plus, if your kiddo does have a meltdown, you’ll have time to make them at ease again.