After the birth of your child, they are continually changing and developing. As soon as life outside the womb starts, the child starts taking in information, starts making connections and more! The early years in a child’s life are formative for what they will know, how they will grow and how they will develop. In addition to feeding, changing and making sure your baby is getting the amount of rest they need for good development, it’s helpful to know where they are at in their development. While this isn’t a perfect one-size-fits-all-babies, it is a list of guidelines to know what to expect from your baby and better understand their development.


During this short three months, babies go from no coordination to being able to raise their head and chest when lying on their stomach, stretching, kicking when they are on their backs. grasping toys by opening and closing their hands is also a big physical skill. They can start bringing their hand to their mouth.

Social Skills:

While infants don’t have the ability to socialize in the same way a toddler does, they are working on developing social skills, like playing with people, starting to smile socially. During this short amount of time, they will start copying some movements and facial expressions and they will become more expressive with their body and face. Vocally, they’ll start communicating.

Sensory Milestones:

It is during this time that infants will begin following objects and recognizing familiar objects and people. Their hand-eye coordination will become obvious. Babies start showing preferences and following moving objects.

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