Are you looking to wrangle the kids up and get them outdoors? Enroll your kids in our summer camp program, or try out some variations on tag at home! These tag games will keep the tykes entertained for hours:

  • Reverse tag – Turn the rules around! If you’re it then you’re being chased by everyone else! The person to tag you is the next person to be it!
  • Hospital tag – Got tagged in the arm? Well now it’s useless! Run around ‘armless’ or hop around ‘legless’ until another player heals you! Once whoever’s it has tagged everyone to the point that they can’t run, the games over!
  • Freeze tag – A classic! Get tagged, and your frozen. But you can be revived by a teammate. Consider having two or more people who are it in big games.
  • TV tag – If you’re likely to get tagged, sit and shout a television character. Then you’re safe for the next ten seconds! Play with movies, cartoons, toy names, dinosaurs, farm animals, you name it!
  • Pair tag – If you’re linking arms with a partner you’re safe, but if someone joins your link of two people, the third person on the opposite end of the new linker has to run away from whoever’s it!
  • Everybody’s it tag – Once you’re tagged, you’re it, but you never lose your it status. Eventually everyone is it and the game is over!

There’s more tag games in the world than these, and you can always make up your own rules! So get out there and play this summer – or consider joining Home Away From Home’s summer camp program, where we’ll visit the zoo, rent out a bouncy house, host theme parties, go on nature walks, cook, and of course, play tag!