How To Prepare Your Child For School

How To Prepare Your Child For School

The start of preschool is an important time in your child’s life, but it’s also one that can be nerve-wracking and a little scary. For most kids, preschool is the first time they’re away from home for long periods, so it’s often a difficult transition. At the Home Away From Home learning center in Pembroke Pines, we understand how stressful this time can be. Fortunately, our experienced staff has some useful tips that can help prepare your little one for school. Keep reading, then contact us to learn more about our accredited curriculum.


Ask Them About Their Feelings

Even if your child doesn’t talk about them openly, they likely have a lot of big feelings about starting school, meeting new people, and being away from you. It’s important to talk about these feelings so you can address any fears or concerns. Let your little one know their feelings are valid, but help them see that they have nothing to worry about.


Play Pretend School at Home

Many children love to play pretend, which is a great activity for acting out different roles and situations. If your child does, too, consider this playtime as a way to introduce them to school. You can pretend to be their teacher and act out a preschool routine, so they’ll start to learn what to expect. Once your little one starts having fun, they’ll realize preschool isn’t so scary!


Visit Their Classroom Together

Because it’s an unfamiliar place, your child may feel nervous if they don’t know what their classroom will be like. Luckily, most schools, including the Home Away From Home preschool, encourage new students and their parents to tour their classrooms and facilities. Even if your little one has attended our daycare in Pembroke Pines, we still suggest a tour to help them prepare for the transition to preschool.


Arrange Playdates With New Classmates

If you know any families sending their children to the same preschool as yours, consider arranging a playdate before class begins. Spending time with new classmates and getting to know them ahead of time will help your little one feel more comfortable. Plus, new friendships give your child something to look forward to at school!


Establish a New Routine

When preschool starts, your child will need a routine to get them ready in the morning and help them unwind at night. You could wait until their first day to begin their routine, but it’s better to start it a few weeks before. Doing so will let your little one know what to expect and help them adjust while also preparing them for their day so you won’t have to rush around.

At the Home Away From Home daycare and learning center, we know the first day of preschool can be a difficult time for kids. However, as long as you follow our tips, you can help your child feel as ready as they’ll ever be! We’re here to provide your little one with the best learning experience possible, so enroll at Home Away From Home today!